Pilot CBT Syllabi

Competency Based Training

Competency Based Training (CBT) was introduced into Australia in the late nineteen eighties and it is now the recognized training method for workplace training.

CASA introduced the concept of CBT in its Day VFR syllabus issued in 1999, for training for the issue of aeroplane PPL and CPL licences, and the new regulations will require CBT to be extended to encompass training for all flight crew for the issue of licences, ratings and endorsements.

AVSTAR can work with your Flying School to meet the current requirements and transition towards the new regulatory framework under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) 61 and 141. AVSTAR can either just help your organisation with implementing the new CBT Syllabi and Student Records into your current Operations Manual, or alternatively, provide you with a complete package which would include a new Operations Manual prepared in AVSTAR's unique format - tailored for your operations, easy to use and satisfying all CASA requirements.

Operations Manuals