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AVSTAR currently offers an interactive computer based training course which has been specifically designed to allow you to satisfy the requirements of Part 92 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (1998) relating to dangerous goods training, in the convenience of your own home and at your own pace.

The aim of the course is to make you aware of the existence of dangerous goods; and to enable you to recognize and identify them if and when they are presented for transport on your aircraft, so that you can take appropriate action. It also permits you to accept non-hazardous cargo consigned for air transport, as well as passengers' baggage and personal effects. The course, however, is not intended to make you a dangerous goods expert, and having completed it, you are still not permitted to accept dangerous goods, although you may carry them if someone duly qualified has accepted them in accordance with procedures detailed in the company dangerous goods manual.

The course is approved as an interactive computer based course by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 92.140.

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Dangerous Goods - Cabin Crew
Dangerous Goods - Check-in Staff
Dangerous Goods - Flight Crew
DG Infectious Substances

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Legislation dictates these courses be delivered through a private training portal. Contact us now and find out how easily we can set that up for your company.