Crew Resources

Crew Resource Management (CRM) - Foundation Module

Avstar's CRM Foundation programme offers pilots the opportunity to improve their knowledge and effectiveness in this vital area of aviation safety.

Designed by leading aviation professionals, the course provides a foundation in aviation human factors, communication techniques, accident analysis, decision making and situational awareness. Crew Resource Management applications are then reviewed in detail through case studies and practical exercises.



Dangerous Goods - Cabin Crew
Dangerous Goods - Check-in Staff
Dangerous Goods - Flight Crew
DG Infectious Substances

Other Courses Available

We have many other courses available;

  • CFIT
  • TCAS
  • RVSM
  • RNP
  • CRM
  • TEM

Legislation dictates these courses be delivered through a private training portal. Contact us now and find out how easily we can set that up for your company.