Airport Services

Emergency Management Planning

In the aviation business we face many potential disasters from an aircraft accident to bomb threats, facility fires, natural disasters and workplace accidents. By planning for a range of possible eventualities you can place your business in a position where it can respond to any incident, and can recover quickly while minimising the affects of the disaster. Our experience includes working with emergency response agencies and various businesses to plan and respond to a range of emergencies and disasters.

How quickly can you respond to a disaster affecting your business?

Preparing for an aircraft emergency on or near an airport is part of an airport operator's obligation to the aviation industry and the community that the airport serves. At Certified Airports in Australia it is mandatory for the airport operator to have an Airport Emergency Committee comprising of all emergency response agencies that would attend an aircraft accident or incident. The Airport Emergency Plan developed by the AEC must be tested annually.

AVSTAR, in conjuction with their alliance partners, plans and facilitates airport emergency exercises and assists many Airport Emergency Committees in meeting their emergency management requirements. Airports Plus works in different Australian States and has a good understanding of each State's Emergency Management Act and the different requirements under those Acts. Airports Plus can assist Airports, Airlines, Air Transport Operators and Major Tenants with all forms of emergency planning and contingency planning.

Business Planning

Do you have a vision for your future, and do your staff and associates know what it is?

Do you have a plan to reach your goals?

We can help you develop a goal for your business, and to develop a plan to take you, your staff and your associates on a journey into a well planned future. Your energy and resources will then be used effectively to reach your goals and to continually develop your business.

Business planning will ensure that you take control of your future and be able to react to any changes in your business environment.

Business Recovery Planning

Can you recover from an aircraft accident, or a facility fire, or a loss of staff?

Will your customers return if you have to suspend your business for any period of time?

Do you have plans to manage any adverse media comments about you, or even about your industry? Can you maintain the confidence of your customers and staff?

We can help you prepare a strategy to respond to any threat to your business. We can help you develop plans to maintain the confidence of your customers and staff.

Environmental Management/Assessement/Auditing

We can offer our experience in developing and managing Environmental Management Systems to help you operate a "green" business, and to reap the benefits of protecting and enhancing our environment, both for yourself and for your descendants. Our experience includes developing, managing and auditing ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems.