What We Do


AVSTAR offers solutions to assist Aircraft and Aerodrome Operators conduct their business efficiently and economically. AVSTAR focuses on improving business operations in all aspects of aviation activity. If you need assistance in dealing with CASA in relation to operational matters, then give us a call and we'll endeavour to make it as simple and painless as possible for you. Remember, you may need to go through a particular process with CASA rarely, or only once - and chances are that by the time you learn how the system works you'll never need it again, or else the process will have changed by the next time you need to go through it. We regularly deal with CASA on behalf of clients and have a vested interest in keeping up to date with the way CASA does business, so we'll be able to steer you through the process by the most efficient path avoiding known pitfalls.


We specialise in online training courses providing maximum flexibility for staff and minimal disruption to productivity for employers. They can be done anywhere there is an internet connection, any time that suites - 24/7. We are currently working on expanding the range of courses that we will be able to offer in the near future. If you have a particular course in mind that you would like to see developed online, then let us know and we'll see what we can do for you.


We aim to provide the aviation community with a central resource which provides both a portal to other organisations that may be of interest to our clients, as well as providing a repository of useful resources developed by AVSTAR for clients who have completed AVSTAR training courses.

Who We Are

We are a small group of professionals with a broad range of experience throughout the aviation industry, and although we each have a number of specialist areas of expertise, we can't cover all areas. Hence, we also have affiliations with numerous other organisations who are leading specialists in their own field. So if we can't help you directly, we know who can.

John Orlowski

John is the Director of AVSTAR SOLUTIONS Pty Ltd.

As both a commercial pilot and aeronautical engineer John has worked throughout the aviation industry for over 25 years in such diverse roles as GA charter pilot, Defence Research Scientist, Lecturer/Tutor and CAA Flight Test Performance Engineer.

For over 15 years John has facilitated tailored training courses aimed at specific employee groups within GA and Major Airlines, covering topics such as helicopter pilot theory, dangerous goods, ramp safety, aircraft loading, air law, theory of flight, as well as developing and implementing a CBT based aviation diploma course.

John's current focus is the preparation of dangerous goods and operations manuals, together with ancillary documentation and management systems, for clients seeking or varying Air Operator Certificates (AOCs).